Effect of Individualized Progesterone Supplementation for Luteal Support in Frozen-Thawed Cycles on Pregnancy Outcomes





Frozen-thawed cycles, In vitro fertilization, Luteal support , Pregnancy rate , Medroxyprogesterone acetate


Objective: In frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) cycles, preparing a synchronous endometrium for the embryo is essential. Aim of this study is to provide individualized luteal support in hormonally replaced FET cycles, and to evaluate mid-luteal serum progesterone levels and pregnancy outcomes.

Study Design: In this prospective cohort study, 30 patients were included in a university hospital in six month-period. Serum progesterone level on embryo transfer day was monitored, and if it was found to be below the lower limits defined by previous studies (10 ng/mL), additional 100 mg intramuscular micronized progesterone was administered once.Mid-luteal progesterone levels and pregnancy outcomes were recorded.

Results: There was no significant difference between mid-luteal progesterone levels of the patients whose transfer day progesterone was above and below 10 ng/mL (p=0.481). Although clinical pregnancy rate tended to be higher in patients whose mid-luteal progesterone was above 10 ng/mL, it was also not statistically significant.

Conclusion: This is the first study in which vaginal progesterone treatment was supported by intramuscular progesterone according to serum progesterone values for the purpose of individualized progesterone support. Significant difference was not found in pregnancy outcomes. However, further studies are required to optimize management and improve pregnancy rates in hormonally treated FET cycles.


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Dogan Durdag G, Bektas G, Turkyilmaz E, Goktepe H, Sonmezer M, Sukur YE, Ozmen B, Atabekoglu C, Sonmezer M. Effect of Individualized Progesterone Supplementation for Luteal Support in Frozen-Thawed Cycles on Pregnancy Outcomes. Gynecol Obstet Reprod Med [Internet]. 2022Mar.30 [cited 2022Jul.7];28(1):50-5. Available from: https://gorm.com.tr/index.php/GORM/article/view/1122



Reproductive Medicine: Endocrinology and Infertility

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