Hematocervix as an Uncommon Complication of Cesarean Delivery: A Case Report

Ozlem ece Basaran
Emine Seda Guvendag Guven
Suleyman Guven
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Hematometra is a condition of retained blood or clot in the uterus. If just the cervix is affected by collection, the condition is described as hematocervix. The hematocervix should be suspected in a women with amenorrhea and recurrent lower abdominal pain. The objective of this case report was to report a rare case of isolated hematocervix following cesarean delivery.

A 27-years-old primigravidae woman was admitted with the complaints of severe pelvic pain and amenorrhea. She had the history of full term delivery via cesarean section because of prolonged latent phase of labor almost 3 months ago. Pelvic examination, transvaginal sonography and MRI findings were confirmed the diagnosis of hematocervix cervical dilatation and curettage following vaginal misoprostol was done and the women was discharged with good health status.

The increased rates of cesarean delivery in all over the world caused increase in rare complication such as isolated hematocervix. Dilatation and drainage of cervical collection is safe and effective treatment in such cases.


Cesarean delivery, Dilatation,Hematocervix

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21613/GORM.2018.802

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