A Rare Side Effect of Ritodrine Hydrochloride in the Treatment of Preterm Labor: A Case Report

Mehmet Şimşek
Sinan Kurşun
İnanç Mendilcioğlu
Münire Akar
Bilal Trak
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A patient at the 29th week of gestation was hospitalized because of preterm labor and treated with intravenous ritodrine hydrochloride. After greater than 2 weeks of therapy erythematic maculopapular pruritic lesions appeared initially on the f orearms and later extended to extremities and the rest of the body. Cutaneous side effects have been descripted rarely in the literature. We encountered a case of erythema multiforme in the treatment of preterm labor with ritodrine hy drochloride.


Ritodrine hydrochloride, Erythema multiforme, P reterm labor, Side effect

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