A Clinical Analysis of 26 Cases with Non-Gynecologic Metastatic Tumors of the Ovary

Cüneyt Eftal Taner
Bülent Elveren
Orhan Altınboğa
Nihat İnan
Oğuz Aygören
Nilgün Dicle
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OBJECTIVE: To review 26 cases of nongynecologic metastatic ovarian tumors with respect to primary origin and their clinical features were reviewed.
STUDY DESIGN: During 60 months period, we had 274 cases of malignant ovarian tumors of which 26 (9,5 %) were nongynecologic metastatic carcinoma.
RESULTS: Mean age of the 26 cases was 46,4 years. Primary sites were stomach (42,3 %), colon (42,3 %), appendix (11,5 %) and breast (3,8 %). Tumor was demonstrated to involve both ovaries in 16 cases (61,5 %). Fourteen of the metastatic tumors were histologically determined to be Krukenberg tumor. All
cases underwent laparotomy, seven cases with malign cytology had chemotherapy before operation. Prognosis was poor, 18 cases died in 3 years, 8 cases are still under treatment and follow up.
CONCLUSIONS: In cases of ovarian tumors, metastatic tumors should be considered in the differential diagnosis.


Krukenberg tumor, Metastatic ovarian tumor

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