Successful Myomectomy of a Giant Myoma During Pregnancy

Ahmet Yalınkaya
Kadir Kangal
Ali İrfan Güzel
Selami Erdem
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Our aim is to report a case applied to our clinic with abdominal distension and pain and underwent succussfull myomectomy.
37 years old (G1P0) woman, who did not have a complaint before and married 6 months ago, referred to our clinic with pregnancy, myoma uteri and abdominal pain diagnoses. On abdominal examination, the uterus was in 8 months hugeness, and sensitive on palpation. There was asymmetric growth on her abdomen. On ultrasonograhic examination we detected 13w4d of fetus and pedinculated myoma. After preoperative evaluation,successful myomectomy performed.
Myomectomy during pregnancy has been understood well nowadays. With detailed ultrasonografic examination, preoperative management can be determined. When performed by experienced surgeons, this procedure can be successfull.


Pregnancy, Myoma, Myomectomy

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