A Rare Case of Deep Pelvic Endometriosis Presenting with Serous Ascites and Infertility

Türkan Gürsu
Güldeniz Desteli
Hulusi Bülent Zeyneloğlu
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In this study it is aimed to define a rare case of deep pelvic endometriosis with massive serous ascites and infertility.

Literature search revealed sporadic cases of endometriosis presenting with bloody or brownish ascites, some had also pleural effusion and CA-125 levels were elevated in all cases.

Our case had normal CA-125 level and normal looking ovaries. Besides classic endometriosis symptoms, our case was asymptomatic. Endometriosis is diagnosed postoperatively on the basis of histopathology. Management of infertility was IVF-ET, which resulted with a succesful pregnancy.

This is the first case of deep pelvic endometriosis presenting with serous ascites and infertility. More reports are required to determine whether endometriosis with serous ascites has good prognosis in infertility or not.


Endometriosis, Serous ascites, Infertility

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