Similar Pregnancy Rates Between Different Endometrial Echo Patterns in ART

Serdar Ünlü
Gülnur Özakşit
Rana Karayalçın
Sarp Özcan
Emin Üstünyurt
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OBJECTIVE: To determine whether endometrial echo pattern effects outcome in ART cycles
STUDY DESIGN : Prospective evaluation of 63 ART cycles results with the same protocole
RESULTS : The data from a total 63 patients were analyzed. The mean age of patients was 31.3 ± 5.1. The mean number of oocytes retrieved was 8.9 ± 3.9 and the mean number of embryos transferred was 3.4 ± 0.5. The overall clinical pregnancy rate was 33.3 % ( 21/63 ). In the sonographic evaluation of these 63 patients 37(58.7%) had homogeneous hyperechogenic ( HH ) pattern, 26 (33.3%) had non- HH pattern on the third day of embryo transfer.
CONCLUSION: As the morphological assessment of endometrium by sonography has a high inter observer variability and the influence of sonographic patterns of endometrium on pregnancy rates remains unclear, we conclude that evaluating endometrial patterns by sonography alone is not an optimal diagnostic procedure for determining the success of IVF outcome.


Echo pattern, Infertility, ART, Pregnancy rate

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