A Historical Technique for Replacement of Postpartum Uterine Inversion: A Case Report

Emre Karaşahin
Kazım Gezginç
İbrahim Alanbay
Mustafa Ulubay
Anna Sula
Esat Orhon
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Acute puerperal uterine inversion is an unpredictable life threatening obstetrical complication. The etiology is unknown; but, traction of the umbilical cord before detachment of placenta and application of pressure over fundus are blamed and considered as risk factors. We are reporting a case of uterine inversion in which the uterus could not be replaced manually due to cervical constriction ring, and in which
the uterus had to be replaced using a method described originally by Spinelli.


Uterine inversion, Spinelli operation

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