Multifetal Pregnancy Following Emergency Contraceptive Pill Containing Levonorgestrel: Case Report

Yavuz Şimşek
Nasuh Utku Doğan
Oya Şengezer
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Contraceptives, used for prevention of unwanted pregnancy after an unprotected sexual intercourse, have been in use for more than 20 years. With their high efficiency and fewer side effects, drugs containing 750 Mg levonorgestrel are the most commonly used forms of hormonal postcoital contraceptives. The effective mechanisms of emergency contraceptive drugs that contain Levonorgestrel include delayed tubal transport of the ovum. Delayed tubal transport after fertilization has been considered one of the etiological factors in formation of multifetal pregnancies. In this report, a case with intrauterine twin pregnancy after use of emergency postcoital contraceptive containing levonorgestrel has been presented
and the issue has been discussed in the light of the relevant literature.


Levonorgestrel, Postcoital contraception, Multifetal pregnancy

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