A Quantitative Analysis of Pressure Pain Threshold and Pain Tolerance In Different Trimesters of Pregnancy and Relation with Ovarian Sex Hormones

Ebru Öztürk
Lutfiye Pirbudak Cocel
Mete Gürol Uğur
Seval Kul
Ayşe Berbağcı
Pınar Erdaloğlu
Sevgi Sarı Demir
Özcan Balat
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OBJECTIVE: To define the Pressure Pain Threshold (PPT) and pain tolerance (PT) at different trigger points in different trimesters of healthy pregnants and non-pregnants
STUDY DESIGN: A prospective, controlled study of ten women in the first, 16 women in the second and 16 women in the third trimester of pregnancy, and 10 non-pregnant women were enrolled as four groups. Pain assessment was done using the dolorimeter over eight points on the body. Serum estradiol and progesterone levels were determined.
RESULTS: PPT at the sternum was significantly lower in the third trimester pregnant group and PT at the sacrum was significantly higher in the non-pregnant group compared to the other groups. Maternal estradiol and progesterone levels were not correlated with PPT and PT at any point in four groups.
CONCLUSION: Estradiol and progesterone may not effect pain sensitivity in pregnancy. The causative effects of the decline in PT at the sacrum in the first trimester of pregnancy, needs to be studied further.


Pain, Pregnancy

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