Primary Pelvic Involvement of Hydatid Disease

Migraci Tosun
Yıldırım Durak
Handan Çelik
Devran Bıldırcın
Mehmet Bilge Çetinkaya
Ali Faik Yılmaz
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Hydatid disease is caused by larval stage of a parasite named as Echinococcus. To diagnose this condition may be challenging without surgery and postoperative pathological examination due to limited value of serological studies but imaging techniques may give a clue when hydatid disease is suspected and hydatid disease shall be considered for differential diagnosis in pelvic mass. In the present case, we present a 75-year-old postmenopausal woman with pelvic hydatosis.


Hydatosis, Pelvic involvement, Imaging modalities

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