Fever and Acute Confusion in a Postpartum Patient Following Sublingual Prostaglandin E1 Administration: A Case Report

Dilek Uygur
Nida Erol
Seval Özgü Erdinç
Fatma Salih
Tuba Memur
Salim Erkaya
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Postpartum hemorrhage due to uterine atony is a condition that may be life-threatening unless immediate intervention is made. Oxytocin, ergot derivatives, and prostaglandin (PG) E1 are first-line medical treatment options besides an effective uterine fundal massage. If the patient is unresponsive to the medical management approach, surgical intervention is required. All medications have potential side effects.
We present a case that developed uncontrolled tonic body movements and mild disorientation accompanying fever after sublingual PG E1 administration for treatment of uterine atony.


Uterine atony, Prostaglandin E1, Postpartum hemorrhage, Fever, Disorientation, Sublingual

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